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Our collective choices can influence how food is cultivated and produced, bringing good, clean and fair food to communities around the world.

Slow Food encourages everyone to slow down and use their senses to enjoy quality food with awareness, learning to choose good food that is produced in harmony with the environment and local cultures.

Slow Food coined the term co-producer to highlight the power of the consumer. Co-producers can support local farmers, fishers, breeders, cheesemakers, etc.; not only purchasing their products, but also tapping into the wealth of information and advice they can offer. In this way we can learn more about quality and increase our understanding of what a healthier, tastier and more responsible diet means in our region…


Go Slow in your life

  1. Buy whole ingredients. Cook them. Eat them.
  2. Avoid processed stuff with long ingredient lists. Eat real food.
  3. Grow some of your own food. Even if just on your windowsill.
  4. Whenever possible, know the story behind the food you buy.
  5. Buy local food; find out what is in season!


Go Slow in your community

  1. Cook and eat with others – not just family and friends. Bring new people and perspectives to the table.
  2. Join a community garden and grow food with others.
  3. Connect with your local Slow Food chapter.
  4. Shake the hand that feeds you. Meet the people who grow your food. Shop at a farmers market, visit a farm or buy shares from a farm that offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
  5. Learn about your local or regional food history and cultural dishes.