2021 Activities & Events

Terra Madre is a worldwide Slow Food festival to unite our food, our planet and our future. Physical and digital events run from October 2020 - April 2021

Carlo Petrini, the President of Slow Food, welcomes the international community of Terra Madre to the digital platform where much of this year’s festival is held.

Though the ongoing pandemic makes the classic form of the event impossible, this year’s edition of Terra Madre will continue its mission; the virus is asking questions of humanity that we must find an answer to collectively. It’s an opportunity for us to enact the radical change we need for our food, our planet, and our future. The need to prioritize the well-being of the environment is clear to all, and our behavior must reflect that.

What’s the problem? What’s the solution?

For several months the world has been focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis. Yet the real existential threat we face is the ongoing climate and environmental crisis, which greatly amplifies the other two. We must react and face the greatest crisis together, as it affects every aspect of human life: our health, our society, our economy, and the ecology of the entire planet. We need radical action now before it is too late.

We have a response: biodiversity. How is it possible to feed the planet guaranteeing good, clean and fair food for all? What can we do to reverse a development model that creates social and environmental disasters, eroding our natural capital? Slow Food maintains that the only way forward is through the promotion of biodiversity in all its forms: from invisible bacteria to the largest species, as well as the diversity of human knowledge and cultures. This mission is more timely and urgent than ever. LEARN MORE