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The roots of our grassroots network, each and every Slow Food member is essential to the success of our movement. By joining Slow Food you will:

  • Join an international network of like-minded individuals– from Mexican campesiños and French chefs to Mongolian herdsmen and Berkeley professors, Vietnamese fisher folk and Italian wine producers – all working towards common goals.
  • Help support our projects – your membership fees will keep our projects running around the world.
  • Play as active a role as you wish – from organizing events and campaigns, to taking part in local, national and international activities: Volunteers fuel the Slow Food movement. Contact your local chapter to find out how you can help.


What is a Slow Food Member?

Slow Food is open to everyone: chefs, farmers, fishers, academics, producers, consumers and many more


As a Slow Food member you will:


Discover the food culture where you live:

When joining our network, you also become part of a local convivium. These groups provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people and discover the food culture in the place you live. Activities include shared meals and tastings, visits to local producers and markets, the creation of school and community gardens, and events such as conferences, festivals, film screenings and food education courses…


Connect with a global network:

Our international network also enables members to share experiences and ideas with people in all corners of the world. Through these connections, you are opened up to a world of diverse food traditions and cultures, as well as alternatives to the current food system. Slow Food also organizes some of the world’s most important food events such as Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, AsiO Gusto, Cheese and Slow Fish…


Support Slow Food in Africa:

In 2014 we reached our goal of creating more than one thousand sustainable food gardens in Africa. Found in schools, cities and villages, the gardens are enabling communities to choose what they grow, eat and sell; supporting local economies and creating a continent-wide network of young people who want to change the future of agriculture. The success of this project would not have been possible without the direct contribution from Slow Food membership fees.

And we’re not stopping there: Our new target is 10,000 gardens…


Protect food biodiversity:

All our international initiatives are supported by our members. These include our Gardens in Africa project; the Ark of Taste, cataloging products at risk of extinction such as traditional cheeses, grains and animal breeds; our Presidia, working directly with small-scale producers to safeguard traditional techniques and knowledge; and our Earth Markets, building stronger links between consumers and producers…