2019 Activities & Events

Bee active to improve biodiversity and habitat in meadows

You have very likely noticed that you need to clean your car windshield less often than you did years ago. When you are driving on a sunny summer’s day, rarely do insects hit your windshield. Last year, research undertaken by the Entomological Society Krefeld uncovered the numbers behind this phenomenon: a reduction of more than 75% of the flying insect biomass in the last 27 years.


You can contribute to reversing this situation by working with natur&ëmwelt to actively maintain important dry grasslands to improve their biodiversity and provide additional habitat on:

  • Saturday, 30 November in the Deiwelskopp nature reserve, near Moersdorf; and
  • Saturday, 7 December in an old gypsum quarry, near Erpeldange (Bous). 

Both events are from 9am to 1:30pm.

For more information and to register, please consult this link.

Details on the exact meeting location will be sent to those who register.